Training and Development

Our training courses will provide your organisation with a developed and designed series of opportunities that will match the needs of your business.

At a time of change and uncertainty, as well as increasing demands and pressure on resources, our methods can help to minimise your training costs and maximise the impact on employee performance.

The methods of delivery commonly used will be tailored to your business needs and will include self-directed learning through online courses; traditional face to face training; and coaching and mediation to resolve conflict, deal with difficult situations and support individuals or teams.

Our team

We have wide and varied experience in designing, developing and delivering training through traditional methods, computer based learning, and intensive 1:1 or team coaching.

Our services

  • Provision of 24 hour/7 days a week access to more than 100 on-line courses developed by our experienced team, delivered through our internet based Learning Management System (LMS) accessible from any computer with an internet connection
  • Development of customised on-line courses, available to you as a scorm file which can be delivered either through your own networked system, or our Learning Management System
  • Providing reports on attendance at training, completion of on-line resources, assessments, and feedback from a range of standard or customised questionnaires
  • Access to a range of ability and strengths assessments (psychometric) to support individual or team development and talent management
  • Development and delivery of courses customised to the needs of your business and delivered at a suitable training venue on-site or elsewhere
  • Accredited first aid training provider, delivering a range of First Aid courses
  • Support for individuals or teams with coaching and facilitation